Dispatcher… and now crafts-woman!

I like to consider myself a Jack-of-all-Trades! So I’m embarking on a new adventure in life… ok renewing a previous adventure in life. When I lived in St. Louis I designed and created invitations and announcements for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, etc (this also included photographs I’d taken for the customer and including them in their product). I decided to do this after looking for invitations for my own wedding to my then-fiancé (and my now ex-husband- you live and learn, right??) and when I couldn’t find anything I liked,  or that didn’t cost more than my wedding dress, I came up with my own- and I loved them more than anything I’d found! So I figured if I created something I liked more than what was out on the market, others had to be wanting the same thing too! That’s when Custom Creations was born.

Once I moved to Denver and started working at my current position I quickly learned and took up crocheting- YES crocheting and NOT knitting- tried it and it drove me nuts! (Side note: I really think that in addition to my included equipment at work I should have been issued crochet hooks!). Creating blankets has been a great way to give gifts- whether baby blankets or birthday or Christmas gifts or even a housewarming gift- sometimes you just can’t find the perfect ‘thing’ for a person and a gift like that means the world- the time, effort, thought and dedication put into something like that has more meaning than something picked up from Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond! I’ve been making blankets for over 3 years- and every single one has been a gift for someone.

So now I’m offering my services to you! I get such joy seeing someone enjoy an item that I’ve made that I’d like to expand from what I’m currently doing from my family and friends to anyone who is in need. I treat each and every project like it was for me- or a loved one- detail is everything!

 If you know of anyone who would benefit or is need of invitations or announcements or would be interested in a customized crochet blanket- let them know! I have pictures of past blankets and some samples from past invitations/announcements. I’m also very reasonable because I know not everyone can afford a $100 crocheted baby blanket (yes I’m talking to you lady at the Highlands Street Fair who was doing such a thing!! And $50 for hand warmers…. seriously?!). So get ahold of me- e-mail generally works best- DispatchJess@gmail.com- and we’ll talk!

Thank you in advance for any possible referrals!


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