Blog 1, Day 1

I’m a procrastinator. Big time! Huge… it’s kinda sad actually. Regardless, a month ago I came up with the idea of blogging because I saw a friend’s travel blog and thought hey, I can do this. I’m paid to talk for a living (note: everything I am paid to talk about is recorded, much to my chagrin, so it’s no fun to just say what’s on my mind) so why not write down those random things I think of to be an inspiration for everyone else? How cool!! Yeah, no. Not true. I just thought blogging would be a fun concept- especially when I love to travel and I thought this would be a fun way for everyone to read about the trip and see some cool pictures (whereas I tell one person something about the trip (with inevitable changes one little detail at a time) and then someone else and then someone else and so on and before you know it, I’m 50 people in and I’ve just described how I’ve saved the planet from the brink of destruction, discovered the meaning of life, and found a long lost treasure buried centuries ago… all in high heels!).

Anyway, if you’re reading this, thank you! I look forward to putting in all of those stories and memories from my trips as well as random thoughts and grumbles from daily life. It’ll be interesting… that I do know because ask anyone who knows me and boring will not be one of those words that is used.

So alas… read on!


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